Rep. Wes Allen, Republican candidate for Alabama Secretary of State, announced today that, if elected, his first act as Secretary of State will be to withdraw Alabama from membership in the Electronic Registration Information Center, also known as ERIC.

“On day one, I will withdraw us from membership and participation in ERIC,” Allen declared. “Alabama taxpayers do not want their information provided to a Soros-funded, leftist group like ERIC.”

Although mostly comprised of Democrat-leaning states, Alabama, the reddest state in the nation, is currently a member of ERIC which requires its member states to provide a wide range of data to a centralized database every 60 days. The data that is required includes all details on active and inactive voters, the name of every individual in the state’s motor vehicle database and, in many cases, the data provided includes dates of birth, phone numbers, email addresses, driver’s license numbers and partial social security numbers.

“I do not believe that most Alabamians know that their information is being provided to this outfit and I don’t think they would approve of the annual $25,000 taxpayer-funded membership fee either,” Allen said.

Membership requirements go further than just providing data on voters. Membership requires the inclusion of data on individuals that are approaching voter age.

Allen was appalled to learn that the data of minors was sometimes included in the required data dumps. “We should not be providing any information to this Democrat-controlled database but we absolutely should never give the personal information of minors to these people,” he said. “There is no justification for any state’s involvement in ERIC but the minute I become Secretary of State, Alabama will be out of it for good.”

ERIC was formed with a grant provided by the George Soros-funded Open Society and was originally managed by David Becker, a well-known Democrat election lawyer who became the architect of ERIC after serving in the Justice Department during the Obama Administration. Becker then went on to create the Center for Election Innovation and Research which game under fire during the 2020 election cycle for distributing millions of dollars in money donated by Mark Zuckerberg to Democrat counties.

“I don’t know how Alabama got mixed up with these people but nothing like this will ever happen under my watch if I am elected to serve as Alabama’s next Secretary of State,” Allen said. “Soros can take his minions and his database and troll someone else because Alabamians are going to be off limits – permanently.”