Alabama was recently recognized as having the most secure elections in the country and we must keep it that way. We can not allow mail-in voting, no excuse absentee ballots, early voting and other schemes that we have seen cause chaos and confusion in other states. The Alabama Secretary of State in the senior official in charge of the administration of our elections. As the Probate Judge of Pike County for nearly a decade, I ran 18 elections and all were free of error, chaos or confusion. I will take that experience to the Office of Secretary of State to ensure that our elections are safe and secure. I will work closely with the Probate Judges, Sheriffs, Circuit Clerks, and members of the Boards of Registrars to guarantee that each of them have everything they need to make sure that every election is run free of error and that only those US citizens who are legally able to vote are allowed to cast ballots in our elections.

Curbside Voting

As a member of the Alabama House of Representatives, I was proud to sponsor the bill that bans curbside voting in Alabama. Governor Ivey has now signed my bill into law which means that curbside voting is officially illegal in any election held in our state. This legislation was critical to maintaining the security of the chain of custody of ballots and to help protect the fabric of our democracy.

No Excuse Absentee Voting

I am absolutely and unapologetically opposed to no-excuse absentee voting. Our absentee voting process in Alabama works well and changing it to allow for the addition of no-excuse absentee voting will create a myriad of potential problems including:

  • Increasing the potential for absentee voter fraud
  • Placing an unreasonable burden on Circuit Clerks and Absentee Election Managers in all 67 counties
  • Increasing the cost of administering elections by hundreds of thousands of dollars

Early Voting

Early voting is a problematic, expensive and unnecessary system to put into place in Alabama. If you have legitimate reason for not being able to vote on Election Day, our absentee voting system that we already have in place is available for you to cast you ballot. Adding early voting will add a layer of potential fraud to our elections that is expensive and places an undue and unmanageable burden on our election system. Alabama has secure elections and I will not support adding the chaos and confusion that comes with early voting.

Mass Mailed Ballots

The idea that we should mass mail blank election ballots to mailboxes all over the state is absolutely absurd. I will always oppose any proposal that would interfere with the integrity of the chain of custody of ballots.

Voter ID

Every voter should present a valid photo ID in order to vote. In Alabama, you can obtain a photo ID card free of charge for the purpose of voting. If you are unable to physically go to a courthouse or other location offering photo IDs, the Secretary of State’s office will send someone to your home to take your photo and create an ID and this service is free of charge.


Life begins at conception and every life is precious. I am, and have always been, pro-life and I believe that abortion is murder.

2nd Amendment

I am a gun owner and the 2nd Amendment protects my right to own guns. The Constitution protects the American people’s right to keep and bear arms and I will never support giving up any of my Constitutional rights for any reason. Restrictive gun laws do not work as they only harm the ability of law abiding citizens to protect themselves. As we have seen in places like Chicago, which have some of the most restrictive gun laws in the country, these attempt to limit the ability of citizens to protect themselves against criminals who want to harm them only results in high murder rates and spiraling crime problems.